How We Got Started

At Crosley Field in the early 1960's my grandfather tried selling tomatoes a block away from the stadium.  Well he sold quite a few, so each game he brought more.  After a few games the owner of the Reds came out to see my grandfather and asked if he would like to sell his tomatoes right on the doorstep of the ballpark.  Of course grandpa liked that idea, but he had to ask "why?"  The answer was a shocker, the fans were throwing the tomatoes at the players.  So with the owners permission my grandpa moved his produce sales to the front door of the ballpark but he only sold them to the people leaving the park.  His business grew and the players appreciated the end of the onslaught.
50 years later our family is still present at every Reds and Bengals game.  We moved from loose tomatoes to sealed bags of peanuts and souvenirs. 
Check us out every Game Dey at Longworth Hall!